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Al-Estiqlal Services

AL – Estiqlal Est. provides various services for its customers, which includes battery replacement and maintenance, brake pads service, electrical services, dynamo repairing and servicing and also other general daily servicing needs required by customers for their automobiles. Our professional team is well trained and experienced to provide the best possible services for our customers efficiently.

Battery replacement & Maintenance

Al - Estiqlal Est. is specialist in automotive batteries that are available for all kinds of make and models of cars. Our testing and replacement service provides on site testing to assess and report on the suitability and performance of the battery set. Whist testing we make sure to check the individual condition of each cell, the capacity of the battery and the remaining lifespan value of the battery.

Brake Pads Service

Al - Estiqlal Est. also provides brake pads servicing and replacement. We can replace the brakes on any make or model of vehicle and have the availability of stock on wide range of selection of brake pads. It is important to get your braking system checked regularly as, you might not be aware what’s around the corner and you might need to stop quickly and safely. We are here to examine the condition of your vehicle discs and brake pads in order to keep yourself and others around you safe. We provide this diagnosing and replacing service on an every day basis for our customers on site when and where required.

Electrical Services

Browsing through our categories of electrical products supplied by us, we also provide fitting and replacement for the same for your vehicle. Al – Estiqlal Est. plays a leading role in LED lights within the automotive industry for many years and have stock available for all automobiles may it be a car, motorcycle, bus or a truck. We also offer our customers with comprehensive electrical fault finding system and are experts in providing the best solution to the problem efficiently and quickly. Our staff is experienced to replace or fit all electrical items required for your automobile and are trained to provide friendly, smooth and the best experience to our customers.

Dynamo Repairing and Servicing

Purchasing new variants can be expensive, thus we are here to help you to recondition existing units that can save you money, as we always first diagnose the problem in detail and come with the best possible solution to the problem. Having a great experience with reconditioning and repairing alternators of spare parts, we are also extremely capable of repairing and servicing small and large dynamos used in vehicles.

General Service

AL – Estiqlal Est. is also expert in having your vehicle serviced when required and has all replacement parts available in stock to make sure your vehicle is running in perfect condition. We also provide our customers with regular car check ups such as, diagnose or change engine oil, gear oil, viper fluid, engine performance and have the expertise to provide customers with best possible solutions in order to increase the lifetime value of their vehicle.

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