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About Us

Al – Estiqlal Est. operating since 1973 is a spare part company, which deals with all accessories of motor vehicles, including servicing, replacing and making sure the lifetime value of the vehicle increases.

We deal with all available accessories in the market, which includes batteries, electrical items, all type of fan belts, brake pads, shock absorbers, LED lights, Windscreen Vipers, body parts and many more that customers require for their cars.

All our products are imported from Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Syria, Dubai, Egypt, and India that are chosen and bought in for best use for our clients.
The company deals both in business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) spare parts for all old to latest year models of any motor vehicle may it be BMW, AUDI, Chevrolet, Chrysler, GMC, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Mazda, Mercedes, Volkswagen etc, we have parts available for all cars including Japanese and American make vehicles.

Why Al-Estiqlal Est.?

As we being stockiest, importers and agents of many items, we here try are best to satisfy all our customers needs and try to fulfill all there needs in time and supply any quantity required with best quality checked products and provide a wide range of services from our retail counters and our stores.

We supply our materials to any part of Kuwait; at anytime required and always be in time for our supplies so that the customers work don’t stop and are in regular working state.

We at the Al-Estiqlal est. value our customer therefore in case of unavailability of parts in local market; we procure them directly from the manufacturers for our customer since we have a good / clean reputation with our suppliers. Auto Spare Parts and batteries and any electrical items, which are purchased from us, are checked & examined well before selling to the customers. Thus, AL-Estiqlal est. is considered as the unique solution for your entire maintenance of your car and spare parts enquiry

Our Values

Since the beginning, Al-Estiqlal Est. has been managed and directed by various set of values has made the company to achieve positive results in every way we create and manage relationships with all our customers. We are committed in performing our service in a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible manner.

All precaution is taken to maintain the ecological balance of the environment. We are also contributing in the development of the society thorough our business, which is spread in various fields like agencies, imports, Auto spare parts, batteries and International trading etc.

Our Mission

The mission of the company is "There is no substitute to hard work '' based on this the company is mobilizing the best resources which are available to satisfy the client needs – anywhere in the world.


Customer satisfaction has been our top most criteria since our inception some forty years ago. We believe in serving the customer to our fullest capacity in whatever way that is beneficial to the customer.

A team of professional manages the company having vast experience. Each member of the team is an expert in his field. The company follows the rule of teamwork and everybody contribute in his capacity for the development of the company. Daily report of the progress is submitted and plans are made for future development in the group meeting held every week.

Moreover, by building customer loyalty by giving human touch to it, finding solution to their problem, and implementing their suggestion that will be beneficial to the company and the society.

Working Environment for Employees

We at Al-Esitqlal est. create a favorable working environment for the employees where they can work freely to achieve the goals of the company and at the same time their own goals. We create such atmosphere at the workplace where they evolve constantly.

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