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Al-Estiqlal Est. has all kinds of batteries available for all cars.


Al-Estiqlal Est. has all kinds of batteries available for all cars including Japanese and American models. All our batteries are new in condition and are sold with warranty that satisfies our customer needs. The lists of automotive batteries that we provide are as follows:

Automotive Battery
ACDiamond Korea
ACDelco Saudi
Panasonic Thailand
Cell Maxx Indonesia
Maxx Power China
Optima Mexico
Terminator Taiwan

Download the brochure to check the universal available part numbers including capacity, dimension, terminal and weight of automotive batteries. These part numbers relate to ACDiamond, ACDelco, Panasonic, Cell Maxx and Maxx Power. DOWNLOAD: Universal Part Numbers List

Featured Products

ACDiamond Made in Korea

Best Battery with Improved Performance and Longer Lifespan ACDiamond is our main brand and is highly reliable automotive battery that satisfies car lovers all over the world. The internal of the battery is rust-free calcium metal that exhibits, excellent heat resistibility and strong immunity against drastic temperamental change. It is a maintenance free product that needs no refilling of the electrolytic solutions.

ACDelco Made in Saudi

Al-Estiqlal Est. Provides ACDelco batteries whether you have a truck, car or a motorcycle, then there’s likely an ACDelco battery that can power up your vehicle. All our ACDelco batteries are charged and ready to go. From a battery that is competitively priced and in demand to one that can withstand all harsh elements, ACDelcobatteries are required for your automobile for every need. Plus our batteries are backed by some of the best warranties in the industry.

Panasonic Made In Thailand

Panasonic is the most trusted OEM battery of Japanese vehicle manufacturers and uses its own unique state of the art technology to produce high performance batteries. Silver alloy technology on the MF batteries gives extra long life at high temperatures and ideal for countries with Tropical climate and "Extra Grade" dry batteries are recommended for rough use such as trucks and buses.

Cell Max Made in Indonesia

Cell Max When it comes to powering your motor vehicle Al-Estiqlal Est. is the right place for your. Move with purpose with this Maxx Power with dry charge low maintenance battery made in Indonesia. Specifically designed to provide long-lasting power, allowing you to enjoy more lifetime of your vehicle. More cycling of this battery allows you to run accessories and electronics even while the engine is shut off.

Optima Made in Mexico

Al-Estiqlal Est also provides Optima high-performance batteries that aren’t like any other batteries in the automobile world. Optima batteries use spiralcell technology design, which is amongst the most advanced available lead-acid battery technologies in the market. The battery delivers an incredibly strong and clean power source that can’t be touched by today’s lead-acid batteries. With all the types of OPTIMA Batteries, our customers can count on longer-lasting battery life.




Terminator (VRLA Batteries) Taiwan

We provide VRLA terminator batteries that are made in Taiwan and are available in all sizes, invertors, UPS etc. Terminator batteries are sealed lead acid maintenance free batteries and can be used for security systems and to provide lightning to your product. For full list model numbers of terminator batteries available download the brochure for detailed specification.

Download BROCHURE Terminator


US 6TMF battery is the workhorse of 12 Volt batteries and sets the standard within this category of automobile batteries. This battery delivers more power to your automobile than other batteries within the market. Also, it is lead acid and maintenance free that reserves high capacity of 80°F and has high discharge capacity of 725 AMP at -40°F and 350 AMP at 0°F

2V Tubular Batteries

Most consumers want batteries with maximum life and maintenance free operations, thus we also have 2V tubular batteries, which consists of positive plates that makes these batteries provide highest power. Tubular batteries are famous for applications and are used for long life applications and do not discharge very easily and provides high cycle life.

Golf Cart Batteries

Al – Estiqlal Est. is also a distributor of golf cart batteries that can be used in electric cars and provide longer cycle rates for electric applications. We have all volts of batteries that include6V, 8V and 12V, which makes us satisfy our consumers by providing them with the most reasonable battery. With our range of gold cart batteries, you can be confident that your gold cart will get through each game time and time again.

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