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Al-Estiqlal Est. has all kinds of Automobile Cables available for all cars.

Automobile Cables

Al – Estiqlal Est. is also a leader in automobile cables that are used for original equipment for wiring in all the new generation of vehicles. Usually, in modern vehicles the main focus is to minimize the optimization of the available space, which may result in increased temperature within the engine compartment and other location of the vehicle. Thus, all cables available by us are manufactured to survive such conditions, which are made with thin wall insulation that helps to withstand higher temperature capacity and are long lasting. These cables are manufactured from various sources with best quality premium and are insulated with a special grade high temperature and are manufactured and formulated in a way, which makes them resistant to oil, grease, water, acid etc. All our cables are also scratch resistant and are designed in a way, which will also meet the environmental norms that can be fitted in any automobile including buses and trucks.

Featured Products

Battery Automobile Cables

We are distributor of battery automobile cables including both red and black colors. These cables are available in all sizes 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70mm and 90mm.

Automobile Cables

Al – Estiqlal Est. has in stock automobile cables of all colors and sizes when and where needed. Our auto cable sizes start from .5mm to 20mm that can be fitted with any vehicle.

Electric Cables

We are also leader distributor in electric automobile cables that can be fitted to use for all vehicles. All sizes are available starting from 2 Core, 3 Core, 4 Core, 5 Core, 6 Core, 7 Core etc.

Flexible Cut Type Hoses

Flexible cut type hoses are manufactured from high quality sources that are light in weight, flexible resistant and give high performance, which can be used for any vehicle including buses and trucks.

Battery Booster Cables

We also provide battery booster cables that help to give a jump-start to your vehicle when and where needed and can be used for all kinds of automobile batteries.

Battery Cable Connectors

In addition to this we are also leader distributor in the market for battery cable connectors that are available in all sizes and can be fitted with all types of automobile cables

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