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Al-Estiqlal Est. has Brake Pads and Discs available for all cars.

Brake Pads and Discs

The condition of your braking system including brake discs or pads of your vehicle is a very crucial factor for road safety for yourself and others. If the condition of your brakes is not in perfect condition, Al – Estiqlal Est. have suitable alternatives available for your vehicles brake pads and discs for all make and models of automobiles.

However, the force of friction that generates a great amount of heat, causes wear and tear of the braking system of your vehicle. Thus, all automobiles will need the correct replacement, which is available by us in stock that ensuresto give your vehicle maximum stopping power. Our brake pads and discs are manufactured from various countries including Thailand, Malaysia, China, India, Canada etc that consists of top international brands, which help us decide to provide you with the best braking system for your automobile

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