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Al-Estiqlal Est. has all kinds of Automotive Relays available for all cars.

Automotive Relays

Al – Estiqlal Est. is also a distributor of automotive relays, safety relays, reed relays, power relays and its other components, which is supplied from industry leading manufacturer from Taiwan and Germany and have stock available whenever needed. Automobile relays have a high switching current and are primarily designed for use in cars.

We have in stock both 12V and 24V relays that fits for your vehicle. Although, the robustness of relays also mean that they are suitable for all transports and also for other applications. At Al – Estiqlal Est. we work with all BCB and B2C consumers to ensure that we have stock available for all relays that are newly introduced within the market, as per our customer needs.

Featured Products

12V General Relays

These relays are coil resistant and are also available in 24V that are especially been designed for automobile use. Our relays are heavy duty and also enable heavier loads vehicle applications. Can be used at extreme temperatures and are also suitable to control the car alarm, lighting, central locking etc for your automobile.

Flasher relay 12V and 24V

We also have in stock both 12V and 24V flasher relays that are designed to control your vehicles directional indicator flash rates. Al – Estiqlal Est. provides an extensive range of flasher relays consisting of both load and non-load perceptive types of relays.

Relay Sockets

AL – Estiqlal Est. also has all types of relay sockets in stock that can hold all pin and mounting types of relays with all Volts and Amperes. All our relay sockets will provide your automobile with excellent circuit control and flow of electricity.

Micro Relays

We also have micro relays of all volts available in stock that can be fitted with any automobile and will provide your vehicle with the acceptable circuit and current supply.

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