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Al-Estiqlal Est. has all kinds of Automotive Fuses available for all cars.

Automotive Fuses

Al – Estiqlal Est. is also an authorized distributor of automotive fuses and fuse holders within the Kuwait automobile industrial market and provide the best quality solution for battery circuit protection and also for electrical circuits. We provide a large selection of automobile fuses that are manufactured from high quality premium sources and will protect the electrical equipment and wiring for all types of vehicles, which includes mega fuse, plug-in fuse, micro fuse and glass tube type fuse.

Featured Products

Mega Fuse

All our mega fuses are designed for high circuit protection and provides time delay characteristics. These fuses are ideal for batteries, heavy gauge cables applications that require very high current protection for your vehicle. We have Mega fuses of all amperes including 125A, 175A and 300A.

Plug-In Fuse

Al – Estiqlal Est. is also leader in the market for Plug-In fuses, which deals to provide good electrical circuit and a good degree of protection for your vehicles electrical system. We have in stock all amperes of Plug-In fuses, which include 10A, 15A, 30A, 35A, 40A and 50A that can be used with any vehicle.

Glass Tube Type Fuse

Glass tube type fuse is also necessary for vehicles that are used to protect vehicles electric systems and can also be used for other applications. We have glass tube fuses available of all sizes and amperes that can be fitted with any automobile.

PAL Fuse

PAL fuses are used to protect the electrical systems and wiring of the vehicles that helps in providing resistant control of the circuit system. All types of PAL fuses are available including PAL (male), PAL (female) and PAL fuses with clips.

Ceramic Fuse

Ceramic fuse is another type of fuse that is used to protect the electrical circuits of your automobile. These fuses have high resistant body (torpedo shaped) with the fuse wire.

Fuse Holders

Al – Estiqlal Est. is also a distributor of different types of fuse holders, which can also carry more than 1 fuse that helps to hold and place the fuse correctly to protect the electrical system and wiring of your automobile.

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