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Al-Estiqlal Est. has all kinds of Automobile Bulbs available for all cars.

Automobile Bulbs

Al – Estiqlal Est. are the leading distributors of automobile electrical accessories, components and services within the automotive industry since the last 41 years. We have automobile electrical supplies available for all classic and modern vehicles. We have bulbs available in 12V and 24V for all kind of models of vehicles may it be a bus, truck or a motorcycle. Our range of automotive bulbs are on the approval lists of various car manufacturers in Kuwait where performance and quality are the key measurements. All our range of bulbs are manufactured from Taiwan to the very highest standards with top quality materials, which ensure reliability and high performance that satisfies all our customers. Download our brochure for more details and full specification on the range of bulbs available. Download: Bulbs Lights Brochure

Featured Products

12V Automotive Bulb

Our 12 volt bulb range covers every light bulb that fits in almost any car including main beam, dip beam, repeaters, indicators, brake lights, tail lights, reverse lights, rear and front fogs, number plate bulbs and side lamps.

24V Commercial Bulb

The comprehensive 24 volt bulb range has developed to meet the heavy duty demands of commercial vehicles and includes dip beam, main beam, indicators, repeaters, tail lights, brake lights, reverse lights, front and rear fogs, side lamps and number plate bulbs.

Halogen Bulbs

Our halogen bulb range of performance upgrades gives our customers a wide range of versatile bulbs to have better vision, to change the look of their vehicle, thus to stand out of the crowd. These bulbs are directly and easily interchangeable and do not require any electrical wiring alterations for your automobile.

Panel Bulbs

Al – Estiqlal Est. offers a range of panel bulbs for both 12V and 24V requirements for automobiles. We have bulk of bulbs available in stock instantly for all cars, buses, trucks and motorcycles.

Bulb Holders

At Al – Estiqlal Est. we also have a large range of bulb holders in stock in regards to all the bulbs available for all type of automobiles, also includes both Male and Female holders. All the bulb holders are sourced from leader quality manufacturers that will help you placing and wiring your automobiles bulb where needed for your vehicle.

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